Robot Integration Grand Rapids,MI

About First Choice Robotics

Robot Integration Company Grand Rapids

Among robotics companies, we’ve earned a reputation for designing and building some of the best industrial automation systems in Grand Rapids.

Our robotics engineering team has experience integrating new robot technology with existing industrial machinery.

It has always been our goal to provide automation solutions that increase productivity while conserving space.

What is Robotic Automation?

Robotic automation is the process of turning manual tasks into tasks that can be performed by robots. We examine your entire automation system to determine how robot technology can maximize existing assets. Our robotics engineering team will design, deliver, and install the perfect system to complement your current industrial automation.

Benefits of Robotic Automation

Robotics engineering integrates several disciplines, including mechanical and software. However, no matter the scope of your operation, you can count on our expertise. We’ve worked with a wide variety of industries including welding, material handling, and manufacturing.

Industrial robots can automate processes that are:

  • Highly repetitive
  • Prone to error
  • Prone to human injury
  • Rules-based
  • Time critical
  • Seasonal

The best industrial robots use the least amount of power possible to execute precise movements. During routine maintenance, we can let you know what system upgrades are available so you can continually invest in your factory’s productivity.